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Practice Jerseys Giving Mobile Christian Edge In Scouting

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“Every coach is looking for that competitive advantage,” said Mobile Christian defensive coordinator Gus Smith.

For Mobile Christian, that competitive advantage starts at practice, specifically with their jerseys, as the Leopards have adopted a new look for their scout team.

“You know the quicker you can recognize who’s in the game and what they’re going to run with that personnel, you now the quicker you can set your defense and be more efficient,” said Smith.

You see, the old way of changing scout team jerseys, well it just wasn’t great. Insert these Future 1’s jerseys. Now the scout team becomes the opponent.

“You would have to buy a ton of jerseys to get that look. Now with our look, you can buy a few jerseys, and change out those numbers every week and actually become your opponent,” Trent Massey.

And for Mobile Christian, a simple switch in jerseys paid big dividends.

“Last year we had the number one defense in the state of Alabama, in 1A through 7A we gave up 8.2 points per game,” said Smith.

“Defense now is a recognition game and it’s allowed us to be more specific in our preparation. It’s a great idea, I wish I would have thought of it. It’s just a great thing,” said head coach Ronnie Cottrell.

And the success at the high school level has attracted the attention of some major colleges.

“Texas A&M is wearing it right now, SMU, Houston, South Alabama just joined the Future 1’s family. So we’re growing,” said Smith

They say you look good, you play good. And for Mobile Christian, that old adage holds true.

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